I have the house to myself!  

Posted by: gptsitesfan

This is Ggggggreat! All the kids are gone for the day. Hmm What shall i do? Clean....nah. I decided to check out my old blogs and update them while listening to music. I thought i would share one of my favorite songs. One that i have on full blast! It is sooo awesome that i have no responsibility right now.

I wonder what hubby would think if I dance around with a maids outfit on naked cooking dinner when he walks in? I almost forgot what it was like to be a wife and not a full time mother..hmm what shall i do?

Their Here!  

Posted by: DeDee

My In-Laws are here for thanksgiving Yeah me! We havent talked in years and now my mother in laws health isnt good. So they are here for the Thanksgiving thing. Oh I hope they are here and gone before I knnow it!. Hope everyone else is having it better this weekend lol.

I have been with my man for over 15 years and have four kids. So Last night we decided it was time to tie the knot. LOL Can' t wait till the mother in law hears this news LMAO. As I know she can't stand me.

Have you heard?  

Posted by: DeDee

I was on Facebook and came across a video. The video was about a guy that claims he cured cancer with eating aprocot and apple seeds. Hmmmm. I decided to google up on this and found a very interesting video. About the vitamin B17. Which is found in aprocots and apple seeds. Along with other foods like millet. I am not going to act like I know all about this because I don't. Just curious if anyone out there has ever had or have cancer that ate apple seeds. All I can find is people who do eat them and is cancerless.

Please share you comments on this one. Would love to hear all comments.


Posted by: DeDee

I was away from my blog for so long that I forgot my password. I even forgot the password to my email. Glad to be back!

Well I am sure you all heard that Victoria (Tori) Stafford was found. Unfortunately not alive and well. I was so busy following the case and posting and re posting flyer's. In hopes she would be found safe and sound.

I was so wrapped up in this case because it was so close to home. I just hate hearing about stuff like this.

May her family have some peace in knowing she is found and laid to rest.

Iv'e Been Busy  

Posted by: DeDee

As I am sure you heard by now about missing Victoria Stafford. She doesn't live to far from me. So I have been out posting flyers.

Victoria (Tori) Was found. Unfortunately deceased.
Rest in Peace.

Also I have been busy getting ready for my daughters Twilight Party that we are having.

I will be catching up on everyones blogs after the weekend.

But I thought I would post about my experience at Tim Horton's yesterday. As I entered the doors it was packed. Hot and packed right to the door. I really needed a Timmie's and decided to wait in this long endless line.

Then as I got through the line to only now three people in front of me. I looked and noticed that the teller was talking to this bald guy and asked him if she could rub his head. And she did. But what made my stomach turn was that she then carried on filling orders without washing her hands. OMGosh that just made me want to vomit.

How sick is that. i was so appalled that I told the guy in line behind me. and all he said was"well you have to be nice".

I thought to myself this is not good. I haven't even had my morning coffee yet and if I get this lady as my server, I will explode and let her have a piece of my mind. It wouldn't have been a pretty site. However I didn't.

But is it just me or would that have grossed you out too?

Easter Bunny Came!  

Posted by: DeDee

Okay I am a big kid. But I had to post again.

Happy Easter!

The kids are finally awake. And the strangest thing happened. The Easter bunny left chocolate eggs all around the house outside. Now I know I didn't place them there. So I am wondering who did? The Easter bunny?

Well I am thinking maybe my husband left them there as he had to work today. He works weekends for right now. Yes, This includeds holidays.

But sadly I can't let the kids have these ones until I find out who left them. But they do have their other chocolate eggs from the hunt inside.

I also wanted to post the famous song/video in this house this morning. Enjoy and again Happy Easter!